The Sights and Scents of Autumn

Today is my first full weekend at home in about three weeks. The harvest has finished at Poliziano and the 2012 vintage is now in the fermentation cellar and perfuming the air with yeasty deliciousness. The season is finishing up and as tired as I am after 11 hour days for 7 months straight, after the 3rd of November, my wine-slinging, tour-giving self will be surely be lamenting having too much time on my hands. In other words, Oh Crap Here Comes the Winter. I am a bit in denial, not yet having forked over the money for this year’s heating oil. Cinder is already burrowing under her flannel blanket at night, so I have maybe another week or two before I must give in and do it.

But today is gorgeous. Sunny skies and 70 degrees. Janet and I met up early this morning (okay 11:00 but that’s early for Janet who doesn’t have a Weimaraner who insists on 5:00 am) and we struck off to explore what was billed as a food market. In the end, it was much like the normal market that we see every Thursday. Don’t get me wrong it’s good stuff, scarves, jewelery, shoes, handbags, and tons of local cheese. But I had hoped for one or two stands with some nifty products from other parts of Italy that we don’t get here. Last year, there was a guy with dried cranberries and apricots, two things which are almost never found here. I bought a new tablecloth and the realized when I got it home that it is almost identical to the one I have!

I also trekked up into town to see my friends and had a good catch up chat with Antonella and Caterina.

The book!  First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has been emailing me and messaging me and generally being supportive and lovely about the book.  I appreciate all of the wonderful reviews and I am so happy for the positive reaction and that so many of you have related to the story.  Yesterday, we got the final back cover proof and the book is on its way to the printer. For those of you who are waiting for the printed version, it should be for sale on Amazon within the week.   Just in time for Christmas!!!

I will post the direct link here again for convenience. 🙂

At Least You’re in Tuscany

My friend Terry hosted a lovely luncheon to celebrate my book’s debut. You are only seeing the picture of her house because too much champagne was drunk and I forgot to take pictures! Managgia!!!

Hand selection of the “Asinone” grapes at Poliziano.

Next step… the individual grapes are controlled by hand! It’s not rated one of the top ten wines in Italy for nothing, folks!

Autumn produce at the mercato…

Antonella set up a beautiful display of local pastas and jams outside her grocery store

2 thoughts on “The Sights and Scents of Autumn

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I’m about half way through your book; just wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying it.
    I met you when our group from Castello delle Serre (with Salvatore Gangale) visited Poliziano during the third week of Oct.
    You mentioned that your book had just been published…about four of us purchased it before the end of the week.
    Wishing you all the best with the book!

  2. Hi Anthony!! Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure meeting you guys. And I am very happy that you are enjoying the book!! A little memory of Montepulciano while you sip your Poliziano wine! 🙂

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