Two Years

Buona Pasqua.  I can’t believe it’s Easter.  It seems like ages since I’ve written anything here.  I haven’t abandoned you really, I’ve just been working on the revisions for my book.  It’s almost finished.

Okay, so where to begin.  It’s spring in Tuscany.  The swallows have returned.  Poppies are peeking out of wild grasses.  Ripe melons at the market butt up against baby artichokes and long verdant stalks of Asparagus.  Cold, foggy days have lifted and warm sunshine has returned to the hills.  And along with it some good news.  I have full time work throughout the season at Poliziano.  Fabio called me a few weeks back and said he wanted me to work with him for the whole summer.  Woo hoo.  It took two years to do it, but next month, I will finally see a real paycheck.  I’ve gotten back into the swing of giving tours and tastings to all the visitors at the winery and have been given some more responsibility so I guess despite my still suffering Italian, I’m doing  fine.  Yesterday, I actually did tastings in Italian.  Thank goodness the guests were supportive…I think the wine helps!  Met two great groups from New York in these last weeks and a family of 12 from Boston.   The best part of the job is meeting and connecting with such fun people.

I’m still teaching English and am now doing lessons on the weekends.  And of course, babysitting with Bonnie’s kids.  I’m sad to report that Bonnie’s family is heading back to the States in September.  They have been a real support for me here and I’m trying not to think about what next winter will be like without them.

I’ve been a little bit of a hermit in these last couple of months, mostly writing, but also just in my usual winter funk.  It’s amazing what a little warm weather can do to lift the spirits!

Thanks to everyone who wanted to know where the heck I’ve been.  I promise to get some more pics and updates soon and of course recipes.  I’ve learned how to make the local pici pasta so I’m going to attempt it on my own and then will post it here. 

Alla prossima...

A view of my apartment across Marinella's yard... My laundry is the one with the red t-shirt

My first attempt at putting up artichokes...Marinella's recipe

You can take the dog walker out of NY... My friend Gill's dog Perdie is staying with us

Wine tasting with a great family of five from New York... hugs all around when we parted ways

New friends from NY and Penn with Fabio as they decide which wine to ship home