In the kitchen with Iacopo…

Remember the lawyer I mentioned over a month ago who had a job prospect for me? Well after being stood up for our first meeting, then running into him on the street while I was holding a bag of dog poop, then two more conversations and coffees at the bar, followed by a glass of prosecco on my birthday, finally we had a real meeting about his idea.

He has an agriturismo here with his own vineyard and wine label of Vino Rosso and Vino Nobile and the setting is gorgeous.  He has beautiful guesthouses and acres and acres for people to enjoy on their holidays.  But what holiday would be complete without taking a cooking class with a real Tuscan chef?  That’s where Iacopo comes in.  He’s a pretty well known chef in this area (and possibly cuter than the other chef Fabio) and I sat down with the two of them yesterday to flesh out the idea of cooking classes for guests of the agriturismo.  Iacopo would teach me four or five Tuscan dishes and I would help facilitate the cooking class for the English speakers.  We chatted about menu ideas and presentation etc, and if it actually happens it will pretty much be my dream job.  Even if it doesn’t take off and I just get to learn the dishes, I will be thrilled.  I am also invited to be on the Saverio’s squad for picking grapes in September so that’s my backup plan!!!!   All part of the adventure.

It was some much needed positive news on the job front.  I have my first student for English lessons this week.  He’s a seventeen, super sweet and has an exam that he needs to pass in September.  And, tomorrow I am meeting with the owner of my favorite winery here to possibly teach English to her two kids.  Fingers crossed on that one.

There is a big festival tonight in town and I’m heading up the Piazza Grande soon with Bonnie and the kids to see some flag throwing and other festivities.  My student, Michele, is playing the drums, so it will be fun to see someone I know performing.  I’ll try to take some pictures.

Touring the agriturismo

Touring the agriturismo

Meeting with Saverio and Iacopo at the agriturismo

Meeting with Saverio and Iacopo at the agriturismo

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