Naked Clients: the untold horror of dog walking

I’ve had more than my share of embarrassing moments over the past six years of walking dogs.  My slips, falls and sprained ankles alone could make an award-winning blooper reel.  And then there is Cinder who, whenever I try to make her sit in an elevator, will let our a very noisy fart.  That’s mortifying.  But there is probably nothing more embarrassing than walking in on a client who is naked.

And I don’t just mean skimpy pajamas, boxer shorts or a robe.  Those are fine.  I mean tighty whiteys, thongs, or, in some cases, sporting nothing more than a birthday suit.  That initial deer-caught-in-the-headlights moment is the worst.  Then it’s a scramble as I avert my eyes and they make a mad dash back to safety.

How does this happen?  Well, for starters I have their keys.  So I come in and out each day without knocking or ringing a bell.  But in my defense, I come in at the same time every day.  And I’m expected.  I’m walking their dog, after all.  But that doesn’t seem to matter.  Because I’ve walked in on MANY.  Some have been exposed while grabbing a cup of coffee, and some just while walking across their living room naked.  And as discomfited as my clients have been when this has happened, it is equally, if not more embarrassing to be the one walking in.  In other words…AWKWARD!

It happened again today.  But instead of being a client, it was the client’s house guest.  I entered the apartment to pick up the dog and standing a feet away from the door was a woman blow drying her hair.  Completely naked.  In this case, I have to say she was the one who was more embarrassed.  After all, I didn’t know her.  She didn’t leave my payments, or chat with me about her kids, or discuss wine vintages.  She was a complete stranger.

I simply leashed up the dog and made a hasty exit.  When I returned after the walk, the woman was fully dressed and sitting on the couch.  We made small talk about the snow.  And I went about my day.  Although, I confess, I may have greeted the next dogs in a slightly louder voice…just in case.

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