A Word About Senior Dog Food by Cinder Winifred

I’ve tried keeping my own counsel on this matter, but I can stay silent no longer.   I’m a pretty easy-going girl, an eleven year old Weimaraner who was rescued from the mean streets of Palm Beach.  Now I enjoy a comfortable existence with my mom and my friends in New York.  I’m not quite the diva my mom makes me out to be.

But recent events have caused me some distress.  I used to eat Evo.  It’s a very delicious high protein dog food.  I’ve been eating it for the past two years and I didn’t even mind that I was eating the same thing every day.  That’s how good it was.  I’d see the shiny yellow bag coming into the house and my heart would fill with happiness.  Then about two weeks ago, something happened.  The yellow bag didn’t come in.  I don’t remember what color the bag was that did arrive, all I know is that it said “Senior” dog food.  And it tastes like crap!

My mom explained to me that my kidney values were slightly raised from my arthritis medication so she wanted to put me on a lower protein and lower phosphorous diet so my kidneys wouldn’t suffer, but I have to say this just isn’t right.  Sure, I’m old, but I’m still me.  I sleep, eat, play, lunge at obnoxious dogs and, excuse my indelicacy, poop, just like I did two weeks ago.  And I deserve a tasty Senior food.  This one by Innova may be good for me, but I don’t like it.  And until things improve around here, I’m not biting.  If anyone has a recommendation for a tastier food, please let my mom know. Until then I’m on a hunger strike.  Okay fine, I’m eating it, but I’m not happy about it…

I'm not a diva...I just dress like one

I'm not a diva...I just dress like one

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