Well Seasoned in Tuscany

Ciao a Tutti! Happy Summer!

It’s been ages since I last checked in, not because I was off on some glamorous adventure but because well, life sometimes gets in the way. I have been working full time since 2017 and that more or less is when I last wrote a post here. Having full time work is wonderful and those of you who read my first book At Least You’re in Tuscany know that during my time here in Italy, one of the biggest challenges has been finding steady work. So I am insanely grateful. But steady work at a small winery with only three employees means there is always something that needs to be done. As a consequence, my writing time has taken a hit, and Well Seasoned in Tuscany a long sabbatical. Then COVID entered our lives last year and I was forced to work from home during lockdown after lockdown. Aside from becoming proficient at baking bread with a sourdough starter, and getting back into running, I learned to budget my time. And so in January of this year, when my fingers began itching to get back to writing, I was able to find a nice work/writing balance.


Well Seasoned in Tuscany is finally on its journey to publication. My publisher, Gemelli Press, just sent me the new contract, the manuscript is in the capable hands of my editor, Michelle, and now I feel I can finally shout this joyous news.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my advance readers, Anu, Sherrie, and Ruth. Their feedback was invaluable in the final stages of the process.

So that is my exciting news. By the end of this year, Well Seasoned in Tuscany will be coming to bookseller near you, or at the very least an Amazon near you! Thank you to all of you who keep checking in and asking when book two is coming. I really appreciate all of your support. And I hope you will enjoy the next installment of my Tuscan journey.

I hope to check in more regularly and share some of the things that has made Tuscany become home for me.

A presto

12 thoughts on “Well Seasoned in Tuscany

  1. Yay! Great news! Something positive came from COVID-19. I’m so very happy for you and am looking forward to getting my copy.

  2. Nice to wake up & see your posting this morning Jen. I look forward to reading your book. I began to think one book was it.
    Had a short visit with your parents recently. They look good, happy & enjoying life.

  3. We’re looking forward to reading Well Seasoned In Tuscany! Hopefully in time to share it as Christmas presents to friends that loved At Least You’re In Tuscany. Ciao!

  4. Jenny, I am very excited to get my hands on your new book Well Seasoned in Tuscany. I loved peeking in on your life in Italy. Living vicariously through your dream come true. 📚
    Sending my love and best wishes to my sweet niece❣️
    Aunt Krissie

  5. Can’t wait to read the new book and with any luck will make a trip to Italy so you can sign it! Glad to hear you have full time work and looking forward to seeing new vineyard and trying the wine!

  6. Ottime notizie, Bella! Sono così entusiasta di ricevere la mia copia! Spero di fartelo firmare a Cortona!

    So happy and proud for you, Jennifer!

  7. So excited for the next installment! I cannot wait to read “Well Seasoned in Tuscany”. Un abbraccio grandissimo!

  8. I am just now starting to read your book but already know it will make me happy.
    My dream or goal is for my husband and I to go to Italy and Tuscany is top of the list. My grandparents on both sides were from Italy. Milan, Genoa, Carrera. My mother Eleanor Malatesta and my father Vasco Rinaldi.
    Growing up my family had the Sunday dinners usually with my fathers side , My first marriage a traditional Italian wedding.
    It does make me a little sad that my two children didn’t get to experience this and trying to keep the Italian family traditions didn’t work because this generation did not have that interest so much.
    I can still have good memories though.Lots of delicious food, my Dad breaking out in song( O Solo Mio) in a restaurant ( I slid under the table).
    Things like that!
    looking forward to read this book and your 2nd one.
    thank you
    Janis Rinaldi Robinson

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