Moving Day…

I spent the last week packing up my belongings and moving them the great distance of two houses over.  It takes longer than you’d think.  Over five days, I carried boxes and organized at my new apartment and then of course had to clean at both the old and new place.  My move was slowed because Cinder wanted to come on every trip so I hefted boxes, and held her leash as we slowly got ourselves settled.  The new apartment is MUCH BETTER.  It’s not pretty like the other place and the furnishings are literally leftover from Massimo’s aunt, but the view is the same, there are four windows, the price is cheaper, there is no mold, the washing machine is from this century, the shower has great pressure and the bed is more comfortable.  Then there is Massimo who has gone out of his way to make the place ready for me.  He is building me a shelf in the kitchen for my pots and pans, has already built me a work surface and installed a shower massage.  He is now moving the tv antenna into the lounge room.  For all of this, I am happy to have a place that is not quite as decked out.  That’s what flowers are for, right?

In addition to making my move this week, I got first some bad news and then yesterday some great news.  I went to the Comune to see why I had not received my citizenship notification yet and Vania told me there was a problem.  I didn’t throw myself out of the window when she said it could be another seven or eight months, but I did have a good cry when I got to Antonella’s store.  Because my grandmother was a woman apparently there was a law that said she gave up her right to pass on Italian Citizenship when she married.  Vania said the law has been contested many times and she thought the final decision would be favorable…but it would be a wait.  I asked her if I should start the paperwork for my grandfather instead since he was a man and hence wasn’t hampered by these limitations.  She said wait.  I relayed the story to Anna when I taught the kids at Poliziano on Monday and she said she wanted to get the scoop from Vania herself.   I was grateful since I really hadn’t understood all of what Vania told me, but I emphasized that my main concern was work.  We went yesterday and Anna recounted Vania’s tale to me.  It was pretty much the same as I thought except that in Italy when something is pending like this before the court there is a presumption that you’ve been accepted.  In other words until they make a decision, I CAN WORK.  This is of course great news and I already have my first place lined up for this morning.  All those people who told me to come see them when I could work, look out…I’m coming.

Anyway, spring is here, the end of this month will make one year here, and finally it feels as if things are coming together.  My friend and writing mentor Carol is reading the first half of my book about my trials and triumphs over this past year and so far seems to be enjoying it.  That’s more good news.

(Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m getting married to a gorgeous Italian architect.)

Okay, that’s not true!  April Fool’s!

Entry hall of new apartment

Living room


Bathroom - which also has a great view!

Bedroom...Cinder performing quality control on the new bed

5 thoughts on “Moving Day…

  1. Hi Jen….Congratulations. I did’nt realize that you were becoming a citizen of Italy. How exciting that you really have found your heart home. Not many people find that in their lifetime.
    You sound content (other than the red tape delays.)
    Beautiful new place you’ve moved to.
    Warmest wishes,
    Aunt Linda

  2. Hello Jennifer,
    I’ve been reading your adventures (from Austin!) since last June, when I returned from my honeymoon in Italy. We drove all around and went as far as Montefalco and Orvieto. Your writing is quite amazing. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I looked for a way to contact you off-blog but didn’t see any. Not sure if you’re interested in this type of work, but my husband and I will spend 2-3 days in Montepulciano (around June 11-13) and could use a local guide who speaks English, such as you. I don’t know if you see my email address here, but if you comment I can contact you and we can set up the details.
    If I don’t meet you in person, I’ll keep living the Italian life vicariously through your wonderful blog.

    Maria S.

  3. Ciao Maria,

    Thanks for reading. I just sent you an email directly and if you contact me that way, we can talk a little more about your trip in June!


  4. Ciao!!! I cracked up when I saw “the burly Mexican vacquero.” Those throbbing members were quite the risque pages back then!


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