First date in Italia

I debated whether to mention my date on the blog, but since I put it out there myself, I feel I should follow up…or rather I know I will hear about it if I don’t!   It was, in short, a great evening.  When a man tells you he wants to cook dinner for you, it’s hard to say no.  Especially a sexy Italian man who gives you free fruit!   So I baked an apple walnut cake as my contribution, and then enjoyed having someone cook for me.  He made pasta alla vongole and calamari fritti.  Both were delicious.  He told me during the course of the evening that I never had to pay for produce again so I think he had a good time too!  Okay, enough said.

(PS  sorry…no pictures)

2 thoughts on “First date in Italia

  1. Hahahaha! Hi Jenny, your ending said it all…enough said!

    Glad to hear you are enjoy the Italian way of life.

    Much love,
    Patty (or should in italian be Patricia)

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